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A service provider dedicated to professionalism in the talent headhunting,Resourceful Management Consulting Co., Ltd. provide various enterprises with top quality consulting service related to human resource. We have managed to develop our business focusing on professional HRservices

regarding headhunter, career consultation, etc.. We aim at helping our clients sharpen the competitive edge in terms of their human resources. The clientele of Resourceful Talent Pooling ranges from multinational companies with establishments in China, foreign-owned enterprises playing leading roles in their respective trades, China's listed companies, renowned industrial conglomerates, to those fast-growing sunrise businesses. Most of them locate in Suzhou, Changsu, Taicang, Kunshan, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang,Nanjing,Yangzhou and some other areas in Jiangsu, as well as Shanghai.

We specialize in providing foreign-funded enterprises with senior managers, veteran executives, and technical experts to fill in those key vacancies. We are also reputed for equipping China-based companies with a team of high-end executives featuring international experiences and professionalism.

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