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1. Vacancy analysis: We discuss with clients about their personnel structure, understanding what type of talents they need and what experience, qualities are required for the posts. Meanwhile, we learn about the client's corporate culture, management style, working environment, so as to make sure that the recommended candidate can meet the client's demand and perform with long-term dedication.
2. Talent market survey: Analyze the market and communicate with clients to gain common understanding.
3. Job description: After full analysis of client's demand, we'll submit a job description in written form, including responsibilities and requirements concerning the vacancy. This is the guideline for our talent seeking process afterwards.
4. Agreement: An agreement is made to ascertain the obligations and rights of clients and our company.
5. Talent seeking and selection: Survey our talent bank to shortlist candidates or find out potential candidates via our part-time talent information advisors in the specified trade or field. This is an extensive search with specified orientation. During this step, if necessary, we'll inform and discuss with clients to select, assess, research the candidates, thus ensure accurate and proper choices.
6. Assessment reports about the candidates: Information about 3 to 4 best candidates will be submitted to clients in the form of confidential reports. After the candidates are interviewed by the clients, we'll discuss with clients about whether these candidates are suitable or whether further investigation should be made.
7. Interview: Our advisor will assist to arrange the interview between clients and candidates, and collect responses from both sides.
8. Background research: If candidates can meet clients' expectations, our advisor will gain from the very persons' colleagues and supervisors detailed information about their employment background, personality, performance, ethics, for our clients' reference.
9. Following up: If required, we'll help clients to negotiate with candidates about salary and remuneration package. After the candidate fills in the vacancy, our advisor will continue to help him/her to fit in the new company.


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