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Logistics Manager

To manage the functions of Planning & Supplying, Import & Export, Warehouse and Transportation(Delivery) to achieve the logistics KPIs

? Lead the Planning & Supplying team to work out the most optimized Production Plan, Materials Supplying Plan and Purchasing Plan of Imported finished goods. 10%

? Work and coordinate internally with Customer Service, Production and Quality, externally with headquarter and suppliers to assure the Production Plan and Supplying Plan to be well executed to meet the delivery and stock requirements. 15%

? To manage the operation of Import & Export to assure the timely import and export for finished goods, samples, machines and equipments. Understand the local regulatory change on import and export management and introduce good practice/new model into company to maximize the benefit from the government policy. 10%

? To ensure a good availability of products, to manage physical FG and raw materials stocks and implement physical counting to assure the high inventory accuracy, to coordinate the actions necessary to its improvement. 10%

? To analyze the stock level and stock aging (FG, WIP and raw materials) and to coordinate the actions of optimization. 5%

? To supervise the operation of the Distribution Center: 25%

1 to ensure a level of service and quality for deliveries

2 to ensure a physical management allowing to guarantee the quality of stocks and to optimize the means of storage

3 to optimize the costs ,to improve the management with the methods and tools “world class manufacturing”

4 to adapt operation to the needs and to propose technical evolutions (investments)

5 to make respect the policies and requirements of safety and environment

? To manage the operation of domestic transporters to assure the timely delivery commitment and excellent customer satisfaction realization on transportation. 5%

? Execute, develop and optimize logistics ERP system, transportation system and risk management. 5%

? Working with Purchasing to improve the transportation structure to achieve shortest delivery time with the competent transportation cost and other cost down opportunities on Materials. 5%

? To manage his staff with the policy and the methods of management in place in the company. 5%

? Other assignments by Operations Manager. 5%


University or above

Minimum 8 years of experiments in industrial logistics with at least 2 years management level experience in foreign manufacturing company.

Solid Planning (Production Planning, Materials Supplying etc) experience is preferred.

Good knowledge of the information systems in logistics (ERP, tools for stocks management …)

Good knowledge of Import & Export procedures or policies

Good English and Computer skills

Good coaching and communication skills, Strives for Excellence, Team Player.

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