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Key responsibilities

· 作为国外工厂从中国供应商采购的主要联系人,负责原料药,中间体及化学品的国内供应商开发

Acts as main contact for all company sites outside of China for purchases (API, Intermediate and Raw Material, etc.) from Chinese suppliers

· 与总部采购团队合作,支持新化学原料采购战略的开发和实施。

Supports the development and implementation of sourcing concepts for new raw materials (RM) in close cooperation with the global procurement team

· 根据研发和商业化生产的需求,与中国供应商进行商务谈判。

Negotiations of R+D and industrial quantities / conditions (prices, capacities) with Chinese suppliers

· 与总部及本地采购团队合作,支持公司在亚洲地区采购额的增长。

Supports the increase of share of Asian procurement in close cooperation with the global and local procurement teams

· 分析,记录并发展供应商产品,促进公司的市场竞争力。

Analysis, internal documentation and development of supplier portfolios, foster competition on the market,

·  组织供应商访问及审计。

Organize audits & visits of suppliers

·  为总部采购团队建立中国供应商管理体系及提供市场资讯信息。

Establishes supplier management and market intelligence for global procurement team in China

·  确保危险品的采购符合中国的法律法规
Make sure all dangerous goods purchasing meet with all related regulation/laws

·  处理直属经理指派的其他采购工作。

Deal with other purchasing job according to line manager’s assignment.


Critical Experience and Skills

·  化工行业至少5年以上跨国公司原材料供应商开发经验。

At least 5 years’ raw material sourcing experience in chemical industrial at multinational company

·  商业、化工或工程本科以上学位。

Bachelor degree or above in business, chemical or engineering

·  优秀的价格谈判技巧和内外部沟通技巧。

Good price negotiation skill and internal/external communication skills.

·  良好的口头和书面英语能力,大学英语4级及以上。

Good English skill both in oral and written, CET4 or above


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